You know those moments where your child takes your breath away with the potential and possibilities that suddenly open up?

My thirteen year old son Raven started secondary school last year and, after a tough time in primary school, is having the time of his life (except for homework, of course). He surprised himself by thoroughly enjoying the creative disciplines (‘I love drama, mom. No, not theatre, but drama is great!’) and doing exceedingly well.

I love how his versatile, bright mind picks up details and remembers oddities that he then pulls from the drawers of his memory at the most apt of moments, surprising everyone and often even me. You’d think I was used to it, having known him all his life.

It is funny how they suddenly speed up at this age, not so much in body (although that, too) as in mind and spirit. They just stop being children and become this amazing amalgam of kid and almost-adult, switching between the two in a second or so and creating a few surprising, and sometimes exasperating, hybrids along the way as well.

Yesterday Raven brought home a drawing assignment. His teacher is pretty good at making them think hard about themselves, asking them to create self-portraits using some of their favourite objects, and this time, having the kids draw their name to reflect the things they like and do well. I have no idea what the other kids’ assignments look like but Raven really surprised me with the thoughtfulness, creativity and patience he put into his…


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