Starting a new pattern


Although I started this blog last year, I have not been very active or faithful in posting here. I have, however, spent a lot of time being fascinated, amused, entertained and awed by the huge variety of talented people and their blogs out there on the net. I have tried new things, made new friends and found new things to love. Life has become a beautiful challenge once again and I am, quite honestly, loving it.

So here is take two (or was it three, or four?) on my life. And a new lease on my blog. This year will be about (seriously) downsizing my spending and upsizing my dreams, joy and gratitude. It will be about making amends, seeking and offering forgiveness, and building anew what I must.

There will be lots of love and laughter, I hope, with my children and loved ones. There will be lots of yarn since I recently caught the knitting bug. And perhaps some crochet down the line, too?

There will probably be yoga and mantras and lovely music, since these have been my life savers and I’m not about to let go of them ever again. There will hopefully be new friends and new discoveries and a deepening of the friendships I have begun.

As we move into this new year and I start to weave my gilded yarn, I would like to share this one blessing with you:

May the longtime sun shine upon you,

All light surround you,

And the pure light within you guide your way on…

Listen to Snatam Kaur’s beautiful version of this old Irish blessing here


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