There are many things that make me joyful these days. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours shooting photographs for my blog and I realised how many beautiful things there are in my home – if only I stop to see them. The yarn in yesterday’s picture is held by my five year old daughter, who told me to hurry up because she was cold, poor thing! Ah well, somebody has to suffer for one’s art, don’t they? My little girls and teenage son give me reason to be joyful every day.

Image   Image

These little paper angels make me joyful, too. They come as flat A5-size postcards and are assembled with a simple twist and slide movement. This year the seven of them spent the holidays singing Christmas carols on my hardwood cabinet. You can also suspend them on a piece of wire, by the window for instance, or to create a mobile. They were created by the Dutch paper artist Jurianne Matter, see her site here.

And to return to yarn: those in the know will have recognised the fabulous Rowan Kidsilk Haze in yesterday’s photograph. It is a 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk blend that knits up like a cloudy dream. I never liked those mohair and angora pullovers that itch and leave you with fluff everywhere (especially in your mouth, it seems) but I have come to understand why Kidsilk Haze is spoken of as the caviar among yarns. It is not as ‘sticky’ as you might expect and its halo means you can knit on big needles for quick projects with high impact. The blue shades in the photograph I recently bought for Kamicha’s Light Flyweight sweater, which is knitted on Eur 8 mm needles. This is going to be my next project!

I bought several more balls simply because I could not resist the lovely colours. I am certain I will find something cozy to knit with them.


I will remember something for which to be grateful and joyful every day this year. Did you know my mother’s name is Joy? My grandmother must have been looking for an example to live by when she chose that name.


8 thoughts on “Joyful

  1. I do believe it is, Pauline! I’m well on my way there, particularly because my current project with Kidsilk Haze involves little beads as well. It’s just too pretty…

  2. Beautiful photos! I haven’t yet knit anything from the Kidsilk Haze… but your pictures make the yarn very alluring. I look forward to seeing pictures of your finished project. Is it as soft as it looks?

    • Thank you, they really turned out unexpectedly well! Yes, the Kidsilk Haze is even softer than it looks. I expected it to fuzz all over the place but it doesn’t at all and there is nothing scratchy about it. You just keep wanting to touch it. What doesn’t really show because of its halo is that the yarn is actually very fine so I do have to be careful not to lose any stitches though, although I think a more experienced knitter would not have that ‘problem’. It’s a small price to pay for its general gorgeousness 🙂

    • Hi Emily, isn’t it though? You should be able to buy Rowan Kidsilk Haze in yarn shops but I live in Holland, where I have found it pretty hard to find Rowan. So I myself ordered it online. You are in the States, aren’t you? Why not see if there are shops near you stocking Rowan in the store locator at Even if they don’t stock the Kidsilk, they might be able to order it for you… Your blog looks like fun, too, (cute penguin ;-)) I have it open and will look at it more thoroughly later tonight!

  3. “I will remember something for which to be grateful and joyful every day this year.” My 17 year old daughter chose a glass jar at the beginning of the year to put memories in. She takes a small piece of scrap paper and, at the end of each day, writes something good on it. In the jar it goes. At the end of the year, she intends to go back and read them. I chose an artist’s journal. I would have hoped to write only good things in it, but they are simply honest thoughts about my day….short but not always sweet.

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