We were lucky to get at least one day of fairly good snow to date. Such a wonderful thing is not always guaranteed here in Holland. Also, the NS Dutch railway company, the underground company (which runs its trains part of the way above-ground) and the commuter in general would probaby not agree with my assessment that snow is a wonderful thing. Everything goes haywire every year – and this was just a couple of degrees Centigrade frost and a couple of inches of snow.

It is always a good opportunity for some nice pictures, though. This year I realised I am seeing everything through new eyes, with an added appreciation for nature’s beauty and incredible intricacy. I hope you will let me share a few photos with you…


Venus wears a snowy helmet and stole


Thyme in a snow blanket


Lettuce gone to seed wearing a lacy mantle

I admit they are not the best nature photographs ever. I am not a talented photographer and my Sony DSC-H20 has driven me to insensate rage more than once with its inability to focus or take any kind of decent picture unless in the brightest sunlight. What I do like is when you zoom in on the pictures, particularly the last one, you can see the crystal star structure of the individual snowflakes… So beautiful!


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