Round dance

Remember Malia’s Tuke hat? Well… I had to start again… and again… and again. The first time the join was so ugly I frogged both ear flaps. The second time I had holes at every increase because I (obviously) did something wrong. After figuring that out I started over – the holes would have annoyed me so much that I would never have worn the hat. And then what good would all my hard work be?

The third time around, I somehow, no matter how carefully I counted, ended up with the wrong number of stitches and that wouldn’t do either, of course. So I am now in my fourth attempt and have just joined the thing in the round. (Yay!) I am really proud of myself for figuring it all out and finally getting it right. I hope I will now manage to knit it to the end without having to frog it again (and perhaps again). I also hope I have not just jinxed the whole thing by saying this. So here’s to my first round dance!


Before joining in the round



Lo and behold: this is my successful first-ever join-in-the-round.


Just because it is so very beautiful!

How beautiful this yarn is! It is Malabrigo Rios in colourway Piedras. It is an incredibly soft and cushy yarn in the prettiest muted earth tones. The photographs are fairly true to colour. The hat’s ear flaps and edge are knit in garter stitch on 4 mm circular needles (I use KnitPro), which makes for a beautifully soft and springy textile. I just cannot wait to put it on my head. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually fit!

And ok, I need to change my theme because something does go wrong with the photo display. The images appear totally distorted. Will get around to it later, sorry for now!

Update: I Changed the theme. I really liked the previous format but the photographs were all wrong. This looks so much better.


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