2013-02-22 Friday Fictioneers

‘I have nothing,’ she complained. ‘I’m sitting here, staring at this screen…‘


Disegno, Leo, sorry. Of an old, abandoned house… And I can’t think of anything.’ She sighed. It was Friday Fictioneers week three and she’d been happy with her first efforts. But now…  

‘I don’t know why you keep calling me Leo,’ he said peevishly. She turned towards the ancient mirror and said, ‘Sorry, Leonardo. I wasn’t thinking.’

The old inventor turned away. ‘Well, can’t help you. Must finish that Giocondo portrait. Her smile gives me nightmares, you know… Buona notte.’

‘So you said, Leonardo. Sogni d’oro…’


And once again, it was time for the Friday Fictioneers. To be honest, the image did nothing for me. I wrote a story. Discarded it. Could not think of a thing. So that’s where I started…

I am already quite looking forward to Wednesdays, when the excellent Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts her chosen image for the week and challenges our nimble minds to write a one hundred-word story. (Yes, mine is 100 words exactly. Including title. And yes, I’m gloating. I’ll probably be punished for that next week.)

We have an excellent imagination between us.  No, I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to refer to myself, so go see for yourself! Click the code below to see the posts of other contributors. The link ain’t pretty (I am unable to reproduce that nifty little Inlinkz button, apparently) but it works when you click it. Sorry about that. I hope I will have it figured out next week. Help, someone?

This week’s picture was made by Janet Webb. No offence, Janet, it is not your picture’s fault I couldn’t come up with anything!

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44 thoughts on “Vacant

  1. i loved it! ^^ i wish i could do that hehe it’ll be creepy i know but wouldn’t it be awesome ^^ sigh great imagination

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Since I was very young I have always said: If I could have one wish, it would be a time machine (and a universal translator in my head because what’s the use of going to see Leonardo and the library of Alexandria if you don’t understand a word?)… And world peace, of course. Thanks for the compliment kz!

  2. Thanks for not blaming it on my picture but if it’s any consolation, I trashed my first story when my husband read it and said in a somewhat neutral voice, “That’s good, but not one of your best.” 🙂 The kiss of death!


  3. I think that was very original… Sometimes it’s best to just write and see what you end up with..x

  4. I agree with thevixen, an original and talented piece of writing Iris. I am one as you have probably gathered who simply ‘blurbs’ out my thoughts and usually think about it afterwards. 😦 When I first looked at the house my brain when numb (not because of the photo suggestion Janet) no no, but I had written 2 pieces on houses for recent posts and I couldn’t come up with anything. Then I started to write and just let it flow. Well done Iris for your honesty 🙂

    • You were unlucky this week, with three pieces on houses! I recognise the blank, that is exactly what happened to me when I saw the house!

  5. Certainly a different take on the prompt. Some weeks inspiration comes easier than others but though you may have struggled to get started, things worked out well. Nice read.

  6. Dear Iris,
    An honest take or non-take on the prompt. Love the Da Vinci connection. I’ve played the “I’ll write about not being able to write” card, too. Not sure if I can use it again. 😉 Well done.

    • I will have to think of something else next time :-). I was wondering how many people would really pick up on the Leonardo reference. Not everyone is familiar with the Mona Lisa’s French nickname…

    • I think some visuals just fire more associative connections in our brains. It is always inspiring to see the many paths that can be followed, I think!

  7. I loved the intersecting of your reality and fiction in this piece! Also, your yarn photo header is so comforting… glad to find a fellow yarn-lover-slash-writer!

  8. Sometimes the story just will not come. I ruminated for a long time to come up with mine. I even let the Zombie and Vampire ideas filter across before I settled on the story I posted. Nothing is wrong with being honest that you cannot just get something to flow.

    • That is the general idea. I was unsure how many people would catch the Leonardo Da Vinci connection because I have no idea how familiar everyone is with the Mona Lisa’s French nickname so it was a bit of a gamble 🙂

      • I lived in France. I visited the house in the Loire Valley where Da Vinci passed his final days (Clos Lucé). Some of his inventions are reconstructed there. No mirror! In fact, somewhere, I have some bits of an old blue and white china ornament that I found under a tree in the grounds. I reckon one of the staff broke it and buried it! There’s a story in everything! Ann

  9. I’ve had brain freezes on these fiction challenges too, and even writing and rewriting an idea around it doesn’t seem to click. This was a great way of dealing with it, though, and I look forward to reading next week’s too 😀

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