Coco said: Who do you write for?

spring bean

Who do you write for?

Coco J. Ginger got it in one. This is part of what writing is to me. All creative effort, in fact. Wait… effort? No… creativity is nothing like an effort. It may be a challenge and it may be difficult at times, particularly when it does not work the way I want it to, but never an effort.

To me, experiencing life is all your senses conspiring to act like a huge recording studio. And it flows through me. Creativity is part of the output. Being allowed to see-hear-feel-experience other people’s spirits is a privilege.

Coincidentally (serendipitously?) my youngest daughter’s name is Colette – Coco for short.

Click the link to read Coco’s take on writing.

(Also, I must mention that this is not my photo. I got it from the net and was unable to find a source so I cannot credit it to its owner, unfortunately. But thank you, Mr, Miss or Mrs Photographer, this is a lovely picture!)


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