He fumbled with the door, touched the wheel with trembling fingers. He had built it using images from one of the few leafies left. A mechanic’s manual, if he’d known the words. His sisters chanted the precious beads for luck. His brother attached the miraculously pristine foh-toh-grafs of smiling girls – the mind boggled at the idea that women used to look like that.

His long hands with their seven tactile fingers briefly caressed the flaky runes, the – was it a head covering? – and turned the key. The engine fired. He exulted. No more days spent running, gathering life-sustaining fluids… It was going to save the lives of their last.


Just another day in the life of a RWF Fictioneer. That’s Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the uninitiated: our leader who instructs us to write a one hundred word story inspired by a different image each week. We are moving towards a fictioneering movement, with 105 amazingly individual stories last week. More, perhaps, this week?

You can find Rochelle’s blog and the link to this week’s contributions here.

This week’s foh-toh-graf courtesy of Beth Carter. Thanks, Beth!

My story is 111 words this week including title. A symbolic number, perhaps?

Now, must go, must run. To test my new oh-to-moh-bil and perhaps save the world…


52 thoughts on “Oh-To-Moh-Bil

    • Thanks, Sandra. I am wondering if I should expand on some of these stories as I’d love to find out more about them myself…

  1. Some lines I liked… ‘chanted the precious beads’ ‘women used to look like that’ ‘if he’d known the words’… wonderful sci-fi world you put me in…

  2. Seven tactile fingers? Now there’s a foh-toh-graf. I’m curious to know what the rest of him looks like. Clever take on the prompt, Iris.

    • Thanks, Rochelle. I’m pretty curious about the rest of him and his world as well. Funny, I just got this image of someone tall and thin and the hands. No further details…

    • Thanks, C. Good that you picked up on the hints. I’m wondering what world it would turn out to be if I dived into it.

  3. Science fiction has its limits huh? I guess if it is a dystopian society you have to make do with the ruins of society, You have crafted a beautiful tale Iris.

    • Thank you, Joe. Fortunately our imagination has no boundaries. I was pretty amazed he actually got the engine to run…

  4. Fabulous story, Iris, I never think to go futuristic with these prompts – maybe I’ll give it a go next time – very interesting. Loved the seven fingers and the phonetic speech.

  5. many nice things about this piece. It carries this reader to the place and puts her right there, seeing and feeling what’s going on. That’s hard to do in 100 words. Nice work.

    • Oh no, not zombies. They scare the living daylights out of me, I would never write about them ;-). Evolution, I think.

    • Thanks, Bill. I am playing with the idea of expanding on some of these flashes. I just hope I would be able to do them justice…

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