Pollard willow in a wig


When the pollard willow was sadly shorn of its luscious leafy hair (a biennial event), it asked some neighbouring weeds if they could not cover its chilly head.

Welcomed to a fertile environment, the seeds soon flourished. This is how the pollard willow acquired its rather eccentric weedy wig…

Have a lovely day!


8 thoughts on “Pollard willow in a wig

    • Thanks, Lois! It made me smile, too. I have been tracking its progress and yesterday conditions were perfect for the photo. It’s just around the corner from my house in Diemen (near Amsterdam) and I carefully framed the image to eliminate footpaths, railway and subway (above-way in this part of town) lines from the picture. I was surprised at how lovely and rural this not-so-lovely suburb can suddenly seem… I just regret taking it with my phone because it is not as perfectly defined (hair-sharp, we would say in Dutch) as it might have been…

      • Do you know, I am in the Netherlands right now staying with friends! I thought it might have been taken in Cambridgshire, England – the scenery is so similar! Maybe that is why I feel so at hom here!
        I love this photo and I think the way you’ve presented it is wonderful, such a happy as well as very good picture!

        • How funny! have to say I barely recognise the spot myself because it looks so nice, although I have been discovering more great natural spots around Amsterdam recently. Thank you for the compliment; I’m really pleased you like it.

  1. Nature has a way of creating such incredible masterpieces. This is one of them and you have truly captured its strange beauty and oddness. Very special that it is so close to home.

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