Disaster strikes


I have been knitting and knitting and knitting this really big linen shawl. A design of my own in wonderful earthy tones, which I can’t wait to wash and wear. With my beautiful Knitpro needles, which make such a lovely sound when I knit, are perfectly smooth and yet have ideal grip on the yarn. I love these needles with all my heart.

Until today, when disaster struck. My knitting bag was on the backrest of the couch. My daughters and ten year old stepson had a couch battle. And jumped on my knitting bag.

You can imagine my fury when I discovered the damage. I am pretty sure I had steam coming from my ears. Now I have to pick up all these stitches, which is not my favourite occupation. Darn.

Has something like this ever happened to you?


2 thoughts on “Disaster strikes

  1. I once (okay maybe twice) left my knitting outside on a table. The dogs were playing outside. I came out to discover that my lovely lace wool yarn was all over the yard and I don’t even want to mention the needle damage. It was bad and I wasn’t happy. I wish you the best in picking up the stitches!

    • That sounds pretty awful. At least my linen is pretty sturdy!
      I picked up the stitches and all is right in my world once more :-).
      It was not as bad as I feared since the linen is a bit rough, so none of the stitches slipped and I only needed my crochet needle once.

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