White Light Studio myth

“I hope you don’t mind my introducing myself a little more. Artist, Bohemian, Dreamer, Bowerbird, Light Bearer, Mother, Believer in a better world – and not afraid to make sacrifices to get there. I have the privilege of earning a living as a translator and still enjoying the freedom to explore the things I love.

As I evolve on this Spirit path, I increasingly collect beautiful experiences and people rather than things – although my house and heart are filled with natural and man-made treasure, too. I had forgotten how to love this Spirit that animates and permeates everything we are and have, and everything we aspire to be. To my great joy, I am discovering that Spirit is all still there, whole and one, waiting for me, welcoming me back home.

My work as an artist – as a simple human being – celebrates Mother Earth in all her incarnations, seeking to share my joy at the simple fact of Being Alive. She is rich in myths and symbols, offering guidance and messages if you are willing to hear and see, to feel and experience, and to be.

I organise small gatherings to celebrate and honour Spirit near Amsterdam and would love to find kindred souls to share these occasions. Please feel free to PM me or comment below if you would like to join. I recently started sharing my work as well as information on classes and gatherings at https://www.facebook.com/whitelightstudioart as my Myth is coming together.”

As I wrote this to introduce myself to a group on Facebook, I realised how true is it. My Myth is coming together. I am becoming closer to who I really am. Artist, Bohemian, Dreamer, Light Bearer, Mother, Believer in a better world… Surely that better world is coming; I can see it all around.

And so, Myth & symbol are coming together. Snake, spiral, feather, light: Transformation & Light Bearer.

I will be offering classes come February. One to introduce you to the magic that is eco printing.These will be one-day classes covering the basic principles and philosophy of the art.

The other draws me upwards: Spirit Colour, an exploration of eco printing as a spiritual practice. In addition to one-day classes, there will be a Spirit Colour weekend at a beautiful old farm in the Netherlands, too. If the journey calls you, be welcome!


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