Down the drain


She ran down the stairs. Her momentum carried her forward when she slipped, down the last steps to the next floor. She grunted, got up, ran. No time to rub that sore knee.

The water was flowing down the steps in steady rivulets now. She hoped they’d keep the overflow valve closed just a little longer. The ocean on the top floor was tapped on a regular basis and this was the conduit for its excess water.

Right now, all she wanted was to reach that door to Carter’s world, to safety. A roar sounded way up there, crashing down the stairs. Five, six steps… She reached for the handle.


Another of my instalments in the Friday Fictioneers one hundred word story challenge. This image has been running around my head (hah!) for a couple of days now but I only found the time to write it down this morning. This time, I really hate the word limit. I would have loved to elaborate a little, telling you more about Astrid’s world as it presented itself to me. But there you have it, I must constrain myself to those 100 words or as close as I can get without sacrificing too much of the story. If I am to retain my title as a Friday Fictioneer, that is.

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This week’s wonderful picture came courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast. Isn’t that a great name for a fantasy story? A different one, let me think on it…

Another post this weekend will show and tell why my Friday Fictioneers story turned into a Saturday morning foray into the fantastic.

Have a great weekend!