And I have been knitting, of course


This pretty little thing is currently on my needles. I love the combination of slinky soft bamboo with wild tussah silk, which has an extremely dry hand feel. It makes for a sensuous contrast, which is reinforced by the colours my son helped me pick: a vintage rose for the bamboo set off by the rich Merlot grape of the silk. Both came from Weldraad, an eco yarn shop in Amsterdam.

The bamboo is from Fonty, a French yarn brand. It is extremely soft and has lovely stitch definition. The label suggests 3-3.5mm needles but I went with 5mm and would knit this with even larger needles to create a lovely open-textured fabric. It has wonderful drape, too.

The Tussah Tweed, what can I say? I am in love with the Tussah Tweed. BC Garn is a Danish manufacturer of natural and ecologically sound yarns. They created a wonderfully matt, very light, tweedy yarn, almost linen-like in its apparent simplicity. At around 250 meters in each 50-gram skein, I would say this is a fingering weight yarn. Because the bamboo is a heavier (sport) weight, I decided to knit the silk holding a double strand but I think this would knit up beautifully for a light summer cardigan or top on smaller needles, for instance. The earthy colour palette makes for an almost Medieval feeling. I would definitely absolutely recommend this if you are allergic to wool (oh, such a terrible affliction) or are looking for a light summer yarn. Like I said, I am in love.



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